For Physiotherapists: Inhaler Device Assessment, and COPD Assessment Workshops. For Patients: Butekyo Classes. To Book Please Contact:


GRADE 'B' EVIDENCE for Butekyo and Physiotherapy for the treatment of Asthma as listed in the EXPERT 'GINA GUIDELINES'

The Butekyo Method of Breathing

  • Reduces symptoms such as Breathlessness, Sputum production, Cough and Wheeze. 
  • Relieves Sinusitis and Rhinitis
  • Alleviates symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing such as Snoring, 
  • Reduces Anxiety and Panic attacks.

Prolonged or increased symptoms may result in decreased activity levels, which in and of itself is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 


Mission Statement:

To provide a platform from which people can better self-manage with the overall goal of decreasing symptoms and increasing physical activity, thereby creating a successful outcome for patients and provide alike.